Students searching for clues in the Great Goff Scavenger Hunt
More than 80 students searched the hallways of Howard L. Goff Middle School on Friday after school as they participated in the Great Goff Scavenger Hunt.

Students worked in teams to solve 93 different clues which led them to different locations inside the school. Once arriving at a correct location, they would find a book title. They would then take that book title back to the library. At the library, they would answer two questions from that book to earn points.

The Great Goff Scavenger Hunt was very competitive with the team of Maddie Blaauw, Cameron Blaauw, Michael Marchiony and Grady Ayotte winning by a single point.

After the scavenger hunt, students enjoyed pizza in the cafeteria and received prizes.

Special thanks to Goff Reading Teacher Kevin Delaney for creating the Great Goff Scavenger Hunt, Goff staff and volunteers, and the local businesses that supported the activity, including 16 Handles, Five Guys, Starbucks, Fun Plex Fun Park, Paesan’s Pizza, Hannaford and La Bella’s Pizza.