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During the holiday season, students from Green Meadow Elementary School thanked police officers who keep the community safe. Third and fourth graders in Laura Cornell’s class donated items to make care packages and then gave them to the Schodack Police Department and New York State Troopers.

“We have been doing a lot of talking in our classroom about giving back in the community to others who are out there keeping us safe,” said Mrs. Cornell. “It was simply to say thank you for all you do for us, and that we are thinking of you.”

Mrs. Cornell’s class hosted Troopers from the Schodack Barracks last Wednesday and visited the Schodack Police Department on Thursday. While visiting the Schodack police station, they took a tour of the building and learned more about what the officers do.

“We enjoy having the students in because of the positive effects it has on them and the police department,” Chief Bernhard Peter said. “It’s good for the kids to get to know us.”