Food for Families Program

The East Greenbush CSD operates a Food for Families Program that provides FREE FOOD to families in need. Boxes of food are packed regularly with a variety of grocery items and then distributed in a confidential process. If your family is in need of some extra support with food, please reach out to Audra Di Bacco at 518-207-2028 or We also accept food donations to help supply this program. If you would like to donate, please contact Audra Di Bacco.

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Front of Columbia High SchoolAs college costs continue to climb, East Greenbush Central School District administrators are doing their part in helping students and their families. One such strategy is to offer college-level courses while students are still in high school, thereby allowing students to be better prepared for college, both academically and financially.

There are now 22 courses at Columbia High School with college credit attached to them, and five of those have been added in the last year.

“We are really taking a deeper look at all available data from a variety of sources that include the National Student Clearinghouse, NYS Job Analytics, Student Survey Data, College Readiness Reports and the National Association of College Admission Counselors,” said Assistant Superintendent James McHugh.

Between 2010 and 2017, approximately 78% of Columbia High School graduates enrolled in college immediately after high school, and of that group, about 87% returned to college for a second year.

“Exposing more students to rigorous courses while in high school will better prepare them for what they will encounter in college,” Mr. McHugh said. “For instance, do they have the aptitude and interest in a chosen field prior to selecting a particular pathway or college major. We are expanding on those opportunities with college-level courses and work-based learning such as internships.”

The college credits are approved through Hudson Valley Community College, Schenectady County Community College, SUNY Albany and SUNY Oswego but are highly transferable throughout the SUNY system, and could be accepted at other public or private colleges.

“Taking advantage of these opportunities allows our graduates more flexibility in creating a schedule and reducing the cost of college,” said Principal Michael Harkin.

To earn college credit, a student must:

  • Submit college credit registration
  • Pay fee of $55 per credit hour ($175 for three credits of German)
  • Earn passing grade in the course

Parents can learn more about college credits by contacting their child’s school counselor.

Columbia High School Courses for College Credit

  • Career and Technical Education
    • Business Communication* (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Entrepreneurship* (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Marketing Essentials* (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Organization Management* (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Microsoft Office (HVCC/3 Credits)
  • Foreign Language
    • French IV (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • French V (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • German IV (SUNY Oswego/3 Credits)
    • German V (SUNY Oswego/3 Credits)
    • Spanish IV (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Spanish V (HVCC/3 Credits)
  • Math
    • Statistics (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Honors Pre-Calculus (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Calculus I (HVCC/4 Credits)
    • Calculus II (HVCC/4 Credits)
  • Music
    • Music Fundamentals* (SCCC/3 Credits)
  • Science
    • Intermediate Science Research (SUNY Albany)
    • Intermediate Methods Research (SUNY Albany)
    • Advanced Science Research (SUNY Albany)
    • Advanced Science Methods (SUNY Albany)
  • Social Studies
    • Psychology (pending approval for 2019-20)
  • Technology
    • IT Essentials (HVCC/3 Credits)
    • Personal Computer Concepts & Applications I (HVCC/3 Credits)

*college credit added in 2017-18