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Columbia Science Olympiad team at Yale Invitational Columbia High School won the Yale Undergraduate Science Olympiad Invitational on Saturday, placing first in a field of 40 teams from around the northeast. Columbia finished in the top 10 in 20 different events. The team earned a total of 14 medals in the 21 events. Congratulations!

Individual Medal Winners

First Place

  • Ryan Allen and Buffy Kromer – Boomilever
  • Owen Ball and Ryan Allen – Circuit Lab 
  • Owen Ball and Clara Xin – Detector Building

Second Place

  • Nidhi Shah, Simon O’Connor, and Heather Bryant – Code Busters
  • Nina Tedeschi and Clara Xin – Disease Detectives
  • Lindsey Conboy, Noelle Maloney, and Krystal Li – Experimental Design
  • Nidhi Shah and Simon O’Connor – Forensics
  • Joe Vitali and Nidhi Shah – Gravity Vehicle

Third Place

  • Nina Tedeschi and Joe Vitali – Geologic Mapping
  • Lindsey Conboy and Owen Ball – Sounds of Music
  • Nina Tedeschi and Buffy Kromer – Dynamic Planet

Fourth Place

  • Noelle Maloney and Heather Bryant – Anatomy and Physiology

Fifth Place

  • Krystal Li and Ryan Allen – Chemistry Lab
  • Owen Ball and Simon O’Connor – Machines