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Rollercoaster made of paper

A fourth grade student at Green Meadow constructed a roller coaster for a recent assignment.

Using twists and turns, banks and barrel rolls, fourth graders at Green Meadow recently designed their own roller coasters. The students in Michelle Ecker’s class read a Scholastic article called “Built for Thrills” in which they learned how engineers use forces and motion to design extreme roller coasters.

After reading the article, the students had the opportunity to play a game “Roller Coaster Engineer” where they designed their own coaster. Then, they completed two Brain Pop assignments on potential and kinetic energy. Both of these concepts were discussed in the Scholastic article.

To complete their assignment, students were asked to draw or design their own roller coaster.

“I received a great deal of positive feedback from parents on how much fun the kids had with this assignment,” said Mrs. Ecker. “This was wonderful to hear, especially during these challenging times.”

Rollercoaster drawing

Rollercoaster drawing