No School - Monday, September 25

There is no school in the East Greenbush CSD on Monday, September 25 (Yom Kippur). District offices will be open.

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East Greenbush Central School District administrators presented the Strategic Plan Scorecard to the Board of Education at its public meeting on January 26. The scorecard shows 15 different objectives related to the board’s four goals and strategic objectives.

The Strategic Plan Scorecard was created at the start of the 2017-18 school year as an accountability tool for measuring the attainment of objectives tied directly to the Board Goals, which are established by the Board of Education prior to each school year.

The 2021-22 Board Goals include:

  1. Support and Maintain a Safe and Engaging School Educational Experience through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  2. Effective and Efficient Delivery of Human and Fiscal Resources
  3. Ensure Progressive, Innovative and Inclusive Pathways for ALL Students through Academic and Trade Education Excellence within Our Schools
  4. Positive Relationships and Partnerships with Community and Families

Beneath each Board Goal on the Strategic Plan Scorecard is a set of objectives and strategies with responsible stakeholders, measurable indicators, a timeline, their status and notes.

“This particular scorecard process has proven to be very beneficial to our board, our district, our administrators and to our students and staff because we are able to track how well we’re doing, what we’re doing, and to make any course corrections if necessary,” said Mr. Simons.

The Strategic Plan Scorecard will be updated throughout the school year.

“The scorecard for our district’s strategic plan is an excellent tool for the board and school community to see how our district is progressing in its goals for the year,” said Board President Michael Buono. “It also allows for discussion on what we might have to do to support any adjustments, if necessary, during the year to best meet our students’ and families’ needs.”

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