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Columbia High School celebrated its February/March Students of the Month last week. Each student winner was nominated by a teacher or staff member for various categories such as Academics and Citizenship. Congratulations!

Nico Heath SOMNico Heath (Grade 9)
Nominated by H. Koskykar for Citizenship

Jared VanWely SOMJared VanWely (Grade 9)
Nominated by B. Marsh for Academics

Chris Uttendorfer SOMChris Uttendorfer (Grade 10)
Nominated by J. Amos for Most Improved & Citizenship

Jackson Nuzzi SOMJackson Nuzzi (Grade 10)
Nominated by C. Kawczak & M. Macri for Citizenship

Jacob Allen SOMJacob Allen (Grade 11)
Nominated by M. Lynagh & M. Margielewski for Citizenship

Not Pictured
Michelina Rowny (Grade 11)

Nominated by CAP Staff for Most Improved

Teddy Howard SOMTeddy Howard (Grade 11)
Nominated by B. Freemantle for Academics & Citizenship

Tyler Terry SOMTyler Terry (Grade 12)
Nominated by S. Ferlazzo for Academics

Brandon Lang SOMBrandon Lang (Grade 12)
Nominated by T. Maney for Academics

Asunta Illenberg SOMAsunta Illenberg (Grade 12)
Nominated by T. Maney & C. Bayly for Academics