PK-12 Half Day – Monday, September 26

There will be a half day for students in grades PK-12 on Monday, September 26 due to professional development. (This does not include ECEC Pre-K students. They will have a full day of school on September 26.)

Dismissal Schedule

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Columbia High School entranceColumbia High School is hosting an in-person Open House for all parents on Tuesday, September 20. Parents should follow their children’s schedules by period and attend those class locations.

Do not attend science class on lab days. Instead, attend physical education class during lab periods.

Open House Schedule

Guidance Office Grade 10 Parent Meeting (Grade 10 Parents Only)
5:30-6:00 p.m. in Cafeteria

Period 1
6:10-6:20 p.m.

Period 2
6:23-6:33 p.m.

Period 3
6:36-6:46 p.m.

Period 4
6:49-6:59 p.m.

Period 5
7:02-7:12 p.m.

Period 6
7:15-7:25 p.m.

Period 7
7:28-7:38 p.m.

Period 8
7:41-7:51 p.m.