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Alaina Marino presenting science research project

Alaina Marino ’23 presenting her Science Research project to classmates at a Mini Symposium in the Columbia High School auditorium.

Columbia High School students in the Science Research program presented their work to classmates on Wednesday as part of a Mini Symposium in the school auditorium. Students explained their research projects and what they have learned so far. They also answered questions about their projects from the audience.

“I am always so impressed by what our students accomplish,” said Columbia Science Teacher Heidi Gleason who coordinates the Science Research program. “Their presentations and their scientific work is impressive. They push each other to always be better; it was a great day!”

Nicholas Pugliese '23 presenting research project

Nicholas Pugliese ’23 presenting his research project titled “Comparative Analysis of Exoplanets Based on Empirical Measurements to Earth’s Properties.”

Science Research II

  • Shane Baker – “The effect of e-cigarette vapor condensate on population growth and swimming behavior of Tetrahymena pyriformis”
  • Andrew Gabriel – “The possibility of specific LncRNA becoming potential biomarkers in the presence of invasive cancer” 
  • Inara Ilse – “Microplastic analysis of high-flow and low-flow streams located in Rensselaer County”
  • Liliana Panasci – “AD and Dementia”
  • Alex Snedaker – “Social and Parental Involvement and Expectations Impact on Risk for Compulsive Exercise in Adolescents”
  • Sophia Xin – “Biological Integrity of Bird Communities in the Albany Pine Bush, NY”

Science Research III

  • Jacob Baker – “Evaluating Partisan Gerrymandering Within Ohio Congressional Districts”
  • Zachary Booth – “The Effects of Environmentally Realistic Concentrations of Caffeine on Tetrahymena, and Tracing of Caffeine in Local Water”
  • Laney Broglio – “The Impact of Soil Content on the Growth and Emergence of Oriental Bittersweet”
  • Harinisri Conji – “The Correlation of Family Structure on Adolescent Obesity”
  • Emily Koenig – “A Correlation Between Sleep Duration and Anxiety in a Group of High School Juniors”
  • Nicholas Pugliese – “Comparative Analysis of Exoplanets Based on Empirical Measurements to Earth’s Properties”
  • Alaina Marino – “A Comparative Analysis of Microbial Pathways in Crohn’s Disease Patients with Severe vs. Non Severe Symptoms”