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Columbia SADD Club at Vaping EventThe Columbia SADD Club participated in “Escape the Vape,” a free community event about vaping health risks, last Wednesday at the SHAC Community Center in Averill Park. Approximately 40 people attended the event that included information tables and a presentation about the dangers of vaping led by Student Assistance Counselors Alyssa Evans (East Greenbush CSD/Averill Park CSD) and Kim Favro (Averill Park CSD).

The presentation informed parents about vaping, how addictive it can be and recognizing the signs of a child who vapes. Parents were also offered resources to help students quit vaping.

SADD Club member Kelsey Reagan ’24 addressed the audience at the event to give a student perspective on vaping. She said that teens vape for a number of reasons including peer pressure, social media influence and to cope with mental health issues, but parents can be a solution.

“To solve this problem, parents should talk to their teens about vaping, and inform them with credible information about the health risks, both physically and mentally,” she said.

The event was presented by the grassroots organization Nopiates and the following organizations had information tables at the event.