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Columbia students present their project at Legislative DayParticipation in Government classes gathered in the Columbia High School auditorium on Wednesday for their Legislative Day. Students presented their group projects – many on topics relevant to students such as academics, school lunches and bathrooms – as proposed bills and then lobbied for votes.

Participation in Government Bills

  • Improve Public Transportation and Pedestrian Walkability – Lauren Angelo, Cadence Mikullitz, Katelyn Snide, Sarah Millet
  • Mental Health for First Responders – Giana Bernard, Camdyn Erwell, Zane Fermon, Amber Lorette
  • Free Lunches for All Students in EGCSD – Braidyn Bergmann-Haro, Grant Hurd, Nytik Jaiswal, Ethan Milkiewicz
  • Student Athlete Physical Education Exemption – Mackenzie Clinton and Maile Wargacki
  • Mandating a Personal Finance Class for All Students at CHS – Sarah Bayly, Morgan Donnelly, Grace Dyer
  • Closing the Gap – Zack Booth, Emma Hart, Alaina Marino, Grace Muamba

At the end of the day, the votes were tallied and Closing the Gap, a project advocating for updating all of the school bathrooms, was declared the winner. Congratulations to Zack Booth, Emma Hart, Alaina Marino and Grace Muamba who presented the bill, as well as their lobbyists Shea Thorpe and Akkhil Morkonda.

To start the day, Town of East Greenbush Supervisor Jack Conway spoke with students about what it means to participate in government.