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Two Columbia High School students – Javanna Soucy ’24 and Cameron Race ’25 – had artwork accepted to the Charlton School’s Art Show earlier this month, which was hosted in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. Students from around the Capital Region submitted work based on the themes of wellness, empowerment and emotional strength.

Ms. Soucy won an award for her painting, titled “Pieces of Me,” which was selected as “Best Use of Materials.”

The Charlton School is a therapeutic learning community for girls, ages 12-18, located in Burnt Hills. This was their first time hosting a Juried Art Show on campus for students from local schools.

Mary Jo Bradley, art educator at the Charlton School, spoke of the power of art during the opening reception. She said, when we create, we can transform the challenges of daily life into something beautiful.

Congratulations to Javanna and Cameron!

Javanna Soucy ’24
“Pieces of Me”

Javanna Soucy artwork

Cameron Race ’25
“The Climb”

Cameron Race artwork