Memorial Day Recess

All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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Pre-K students at Red Mill Elementary SchoolThe East Greenbush Central School District will be adding two additional pre-k classes for the 2023-24 school year, increasing the total number of pre-k students from 61 to 97. The Board of Education approved the proposal at its public meeting on Wednesday evening following a recommendation from Superintendent Jeff Simons.

The pre-k program served 61 total students last year with classes at Donald P. Sutherland, Genet and Red Mill Elementary Schools, and the Early Childhood Education Center in North Greenbush.

Administrators planned to offer 61 spots for this coming school year, but based on demand and budgetary savings, the district was able to offer two additional pre-k classes.

The new classes will be located at Green Meadow Elementary School and Holy Spirit School. Green Meadow has a classroom available and Holy Spirit was selected as a community site following a Request for Proposals.

“I am pleased that we have the resources available at this time to increase the number of children within our community participating in a structured Pre-K program,” Mr. Simons said. “Our board recognizes that pre-k is important to the children but also to working families. We will continue to advocate for expanded financial support from New York State to sustain and expand pre-k.”

Students will be enrolled based on the pre-k lottery draw that occurred in April. Selections numbered 62 through 97 will be offered spots in the pre-k program. Pre-K selection forms have been sent to parents/guardians whose children are eligible for the program so they can rank their preferred pre-k sites.

The two new pre-k classes will be funded using UPK State Aid ($5,400/student), the remaining American Rescue Plan funds, equipment purchases made with unused funds from the 2022-23 budget rather than the 2023-24 budget, and $100,000 from the current year’s budget.

There is no cost to families for their students to attend the pre-k program.

The East Greenbush CSD began offering full day pre-k in 2021-22 for 36 students using new UPK State Aid and COVID federal funds. The district expanded the program last year to serve 61 students.

The district will continue to evaluate the long term feasibility of the Pre-K Program, including advocacy efforts to increase the state cap of UPK funding.