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Musicians in front of ColumbiaCongratulations to the following Columbia High School music students who have been accepted into select ensembles this fall!

The Rensselaer County School Music Association will hold its festival on Thursday, November 7 and Saturday, November 9 at Hoosick Falls JR/SR High School.

Band students in front of Columbia

Band (L to R): Tyler Davis, Kevin Stegemann, Teddy Howard, Shea Thorpe, Raychelle Adadjo and Ekansh Agrawal. (Missing from photo: Eric Blostein, Devyn Jenks, Wendi Wojnovich, Mike Digman and Oli Olds.)

All County JR Band

  • Teddy Howard – Tenor Saxophone
  • Raychelle Adadjo – Clarinet

All County HS Flute Ensemble

  • Devyn Jenks

All County Jazz Band

  • Tyler Davis – Alto Saxophone
  • Eric Blostein – Tenor Saxophone
  • Kevin Stegemann – Tenor Saxophone
  • Shea Thorpe – Drum Set
Chorus students in front of Columbia

Chorus (L to R): Carter Albano, Colin Smith, Shayda Ramsammy, Stephanie Bradbury, Brigid Mack, Brandon Smith, Noah Millan, Brianna Bujak, Shruti Kamat, Alyssa Manning, Gavin Trautman and Layvon Scott. (Missing from photo: Anna Puglisi and Aidan Halsey.)

All County SR Chorus

  • Carter Albano
  • Stephanie Bradbury
  • Brianna Bujack
  • Aidan Halsey
  • Shruti Kamat
  • Brigid Mack
  • Alyssa Manning
  • Noah Milan
  • Anna Puglisi
  • Shayda Ramsammy
  • Layvon Scott
  • Brandon Smith
  • Colin Smith
  • Gavin Trautman

The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) will hold its Zone 7 Area All State festival on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 at Saratoga Springs SR High School.

Area All State Band

  • Ekansh Agrawal – Baritone Saxophone
  • Eric Blostein – Alto Saxophone
  • Devyn Jenks – Flute
  • Wendi Wojnovich – Trombone
Orchestra students in front of Columbia

All State Orchestra (L to R): Hubert Chang, Allison Headley and Cecilia Cardona.

Area All State Orchestra

  • Cecilia Cardona – Violin
  • Hubert Chang – Violin
  • Allison Headley – Viola

Area All State Jazz Band

  • Tyler Davis – Alto Saxophone
  • Mike Digman – Trumpet
  • Oli Olds – Trumpet

Area All State Chorus

  • Brigid Mack – Alto
  • Brandon Smith – Bass

Conference All State

  • Brigid Mack