Memorial Day Recess

All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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Student Finder scanner

Students will scan their Student Finder ID cards on this pad as they get on and off the school bus each day.

The East Greenbush Central School District is launching a new student ID card system for school buses to track ridership and improve safety. The program is called Student Finder and it will start on Monday, November 13.

The objective is to improve safety by allowing the Transportation Department to track where all students are during school transportation.

How it Works:

  • All K-12 students will receive their own ID cards with their name on them.
  • Students will scan their card when getting on and off the school bus.
  • Data, including the time and location, will be uploaded to the Transportation Department through the RFID card technology.

Once a student has scanned their card on a bus, the Student Finder software shows what bus that student is on and where they got on or off the bus. This will help the Transportation Department locate students should they board the wrong bus, they stay after school and take a late bus home, or students are evacuated to another location in the event of an emergency.

Student Finder will also assist the Transportation Department evaluate ridership, which will help with bus route planning and state reporting requirements.

“We are excited to offer Student Finder as it will further support the safety of our students,” said Transportation Administrator Dr. Wanda McQueen. “Our bus drivers will assist students as they transition to this new program.”

During the week of November 6, every student will receive a Student Finder bus card at school. Students attending Non-EGCSD schools will receive their card from the bus driver. Students will also receive a clip that will allow them to attach their bus card to their backpack for easy access while getting on and off the bus.

Beginning Monday, November 13, all students will begin scanning their Student Finder cards whenever they get on or off a school bus. Students may use their cards on any East Greenbush CSD school bus.

Should a student forget their bus card they will still be able to ride the bus to school.

Student Finder Q&A

Q: When will the Student Finder program begin?
A: Student Finder will begin on Monday, November 13. Students will receive their own Student Finder card the week of November 6.

Q: Do students need to scan their card every time they get on the bus?
A: Yes. Students should scan their card every time they get on or off an East Greenbush CSD school bus.

Q: If my child forgets their Student Finder card, will they still be able to get on the school bus?
A: Yes. No student will be denied entry onto their school bus. However, we are asking parents/guardians to help support this program by reminding their children to remember their card every day and swipe it when getting on and off the bus. Please use the provided clips to attach the Student Finder card to their backpack so it is always available and easily accessible.

Q: What if my child loses their Student Finder card?
A: Please notify your teacher or bus driver and a new card will be printed for them. 

Q: Will parents/guardians be able to get updates on where their child is located through Student Finder?
A: No. When a student scans their card on an East Greenbush CSD school bus, the data is uploaded to the Transportation Department. However, we are planning to roll out a related product in 2024 that will enable families to receive updates on their child’s bus route. More information about that feature will be shared in the coming months.