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Friday, September 20 – Blue Day

Art Club: Please see Mrs. Hosier in Room 212 for more information. First meeting is Thursday, 9/26.

Attention 7th & 8th Grade Students: Packets for the trips to Philly and DC were given out last week. If you need another copy of the packet, please stop down at the Taylor House Office to pick one up. If you have your registration form and deposit for your trip, please be sure to drop them off in the payment boxes in the Taylor House Office. Please do not carry them around in your backpack!

6th, 7th & 8th Grade Boys and Girls: Come play golf or learn to play golf. Get your greens fee of $10 to Mr. Marion before the end of Period 6 on Wednesday. Do not wait until Wednesday after school to give him the money. There are limited spaces so get your money and permission slip to him early. First to pay, first to play. Remember to meet Mr. Marion in the gym on Monday right after school.

Teachers and staff will be on the lookout for the “September Students of the Month.” This month’s characteristic is ORGANIZATION. We will not only be looking for students who are very organized, but also students who have made an effort to improve their organizational skills. Students will be selected at the end of the month. All students selected will receive a certificate, a prize and their name will be displayed on the electronic board outside Genet as well as the District Website.

The Library is closed periods 6, 8 and 9 today.