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East Greenbush CSD schools and offices will be closed on Monday, October 10.

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Goff Staff Directory

Howard L. Goff Middle School
35 Gilligan Road
East Greenbush, NY 12061
Main Office Phone: 518-207-2430
Fax: 518-477-2667


Position Name Email Address
Principal Jill Barker
Assistant Principal (Grades 8) Michael Neumann
Assistant Principal (Grade 6/7) Sarah Hoffman
Instructional Staff
Art Alison Hosier
Art Kate Wargula
English (Grade 6) Karen Lindberg
English (Grade 6) Jaclyn Timmany-White
English (Grade 7) Sean Crall
English (Grade 7) Christopher Henderson
English (Grades 7/8) Rachel Mathis
English (Grade 8) Monica Barnes
English (Grade 8) Lauren Calderone
ELA/Science Julia Keyoskey
English Nicole Weiss
English/Math/Social Studies (Grade 6) Rosaire Higgins
ESOL Ida-Marie Lindberg
ESOL Alex Omecinsky
French Joanne Loccisano
German Jennifer Fey
Guidance (School Counselor) Sharon Dunn
Guidance (School Counselor) Jaclyn Gleason
Guidance (School Counselor) Alecia Loveland
Guidance (School Counselor) Jennifer Oropallo
Health (Grades 7/8) Joseph DeNisio
Health (Grades 7/8) Nora Walkley
Home and Careers (Grades 6/7) Patricia Dority-Kawczak
Home and Careers (Grades 7/8) Debreen Oliva
Library Jamie Tobin
Math (AIS) Heather Clements
Math (Grade 6) Cynthia Diefendorf
Math (Grade 6) Sandra Yovine
Math (Grade 6) and Math Lab (Grade 6) Lori Bishop
Math (Grade 7) Melissa O’Brien
Math (Grade 7) Kim Palmer
Math (Grades 7/8) Christine Blake
Math (Grade 7/AIS) Mary Jo Madore
Math (Grade 8) Susan Blond
Math (Grade 8) Nicole Forth
Math (Grade 6/8 AIS) Sarina Biski
Math (Grade 6/8 AIS) Paul Coco
Music Jarod Grieco 
Music (Band Lessons) Jonathan Kusche
Music Jonathan Tario
Music/Band David Bresnahan
Music/Band Erin Cioffi
Music/Chorus Hannah Decker
Music/Orchestra Nathan Lawrence
Physical Education (Boys) Greg Jette
Physical Education (Boys) Tyler Rose
Physical Education (Girls) Ashley Gansle
Physical Education (Girls) Deanna Davis
Psychologist Bonnie Hagglove
Reading (AIS Grade 6) Luke Ackerman
Reading (AIS Grade 8) Kathleen Fitzgerald
Reading (Grade 6) Marjorie Isbester
Reading (Grade 6) Carrie Knudsen
Reading (Grades 6/7/8) Jennifer Quail
Reading (Grades 6/7/8) Mackenzie White
Science (Grade 6) Sandra Crall
Science (Grade 6) Bryan Lussier
Science (Grade 7) Vicki Wilcox
Science (Grades 6/7) Zachary Hutson
Science (Grades 7/8) Kristen Foley
Science (Grade 8) Ronald Montesi
Science (Grade 8) Jillian Graham
Science (Grades 7/8) Megan Jankowiak
Social Studies (Grade 6) Carolyn Donahue
Social Studies (Grade 6) Ruth VanAlstyne
Social Studies (Grade 7) Kelyn Snyder
Social Studies (Grade 7) Shawn Yearsley
Social Studies (Grades 7/8) Timothy Galvin
Social Studies (Grades 7/8) Mike Barnes
Social Studies (Grade 8) Carol Lichorowiec
Social Studies (Grade 8) Sarah Fiorino
Social Worker James Eggleston
Social Worker Meryl Tremblay
Spanish Karen Morosko
Spanish (Grades 7/8) Nathaniel Koester
Spanish (Grade 8) Kendra Kelly
Special Education (Grade 6) Alysse Ouimet
Special Education (Grade 6 Jumpstart) Katherine L’Etoile
Special Education (Grade 6) Megan Lopez
Special Education (Grade 7) Kimberly DiGiorgi
Special Education (Grade 7) Lalena DeMarco
Special Education (Grade 7) Nancy Kroll
Special Education (Grade 7) Kristen Zilgme
Special Education (Grade 8) Kelly Sanborn
Special Education (Grade 8) Michael McNamara
Special Education (Grade 8) Jennifer Vendlands
Special Education (Skills) Lauren Crispino
Special Education (Skills) Paul Hoff
Special Education (Transitions) Scott LaMora
Speech and Language Audry June
Speech and Language Jessica Tice
Technology Daniel Hurd
Technology John Cirincione
Technology Brian Fox
Principal’s Office Debbie Corbett
Assistant Principal’s Office (Blue House-Grades 7/8) Christine Dessureau
Assistant Principal’s Office (Red House-Grade 6) Jude Shufelt
Guidance Office (Green House) Gabriella Sacks 
Food Service Manager Colleen Wise
Food Service Account Clerk Diane Harris
Kitchen Manager Jeannine Garcia
Food Service Teresa Audino
Food Service Kathy Corellis
Food Service Eileen Cramer
Food Service Carla Orciuoli
Food Service Viola Winter
Library Clerk Kathleen Snedaker
Maintenance (Head Custodian) Jim Truss
Maintenance Vinny Ingoldsby
Maintenance David Garafalo
Monitor Margaret Bradley
Monitor Kathleen Carmody
Monitor Aleeamarie Nicholson
Monitor Debbie Oddy
Monitor Kathy O’Leary
Monitor Mary Webber
Nurse Melissa McHugh
Nurse Tracy Heritage
OT Nicole Barmen
OT Denise Lyle
PT Kathryn Biel
Student Accounts Zachary Troxell
Teacher Assistant Wendy Curtis
Teacher Assistant Kathleen Dunn
Teacher Assistant Sue Ferson
Teacher Assistant Dana Freemantle
Teacher Assistant Patricia Gregorewsky
Teacher Assistant Jason Halse-Mendez
Teacher Assistant Jean Hirt
Teacher Assistant Maureen Janowski
Teacher Assistant Lauren Koshykar
Teacher Assistant Cheryl Lunford
Teacher Assistant Scott Mocerine
Teacher Assistant Natalia Multunas
Teacher Assistant Cheri Nedoroscik
Teacher Assistant Laura Nolan
Teacher Assistant Quinn Shaffer
Teacher Assistant Kathleen Shapiro
Technology Support Tom Poli
School Resource Officer Deputy Jay Gravelle
Mental Health Social Worker/Clinician Amibel Tineo

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