Memorial Day Recess

All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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Columbia High School site map

Concept rendering of the Columbia High School campus, which would include a pedestrian sidewalk from school to Luther Road, expanding the entrance road to a four-lane driveway, parking lot repairs, replacement of tennis courts, and improvements to the baseball field, softball field, grass fields and basketball courts.

The East Greenbush Central School District has proposed a $116 million capital project that, if approved by voters, would improve facilities and grounds at all seven schools at no additional cost to the local taxpayer.

The proposed project includes items such as replacement of HVAC systems for improved indoor air quality and adding air conditioning throughout all five elementary schools, classroom additions at elementary schools to accommodate pre-k and increasing enrollment, library renovations in all schools, new playgrounds, athletic field improvements, upgrades to sidewalks and parking lots, and infrastructure improvements at all schools.

The estimated cost for the proposed project is $116 million, but due to state building aid and expiring debt, there would be no additional impact to local taxpayers. It is estimated that the state will reimburse the district approximately 72% of eligible costs.

“This project looks to secure a bright future for our students and our community,” said Superintendent Jeff Simons. “With the support of our residents, as we retire debt we seek to make use of the state funding that is available now to modernize our educational spaces, improve health and safety for students and enhance our athletic facilities within the community. We can accomplish all of this without any additional impact on our taxpayers.”

“I hope residents will attend some of our board meetings and future information sessions to learn about the project,” Mr. Simons continued.

Green Meadow Library Concept Rendering

Concept rendering of the Green Meadow library renovation. All school libraries would be renovated as part of the proposed Capital Project to include flexible seating and space for collaboration, project-based learning, and community use.

Mr. Simons has hosted public meetings throughout the winter to inform the community about the project, including presentations to faculty and staff, the PTOs, each of the town boards, local fire departments and at the Spring Meet the Coaches Night. Updates have also been provided at public Board of Education meetings throughout the planning process.

Residents will vote on the capital project as part of the School Budget Vote and Board Election which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21. The ballot will include three propositions: 

  1. School Budget
  2. Capital Project
  3. Bus Purchase from Reserve Fund

“The proposed project will make a significant impact across all of our schools and in our community by improving and enhancing our learning environments, our building infrastructures, playgrounds and athletic fields,” said Board of Education President Michael Buono. “The board and administration have worked with our architects and construction management partners to put together a proposal that we feel will serve the district and school community well into the future.”

Scope of the Capital Project

  • HVAC/Air Conditioning in Elementary Schools
  • Athletic Fields/Courts
    • Goff Middle School
      • New Multipurpose Turf Field and 6-Lane Track
      • New Elevated Grass Practice Fields with Drainage
      • New Tennis/Pickleball/Basketball Court
      • New Access Road with Parking Lot
      • Renovations to Locker Rooms
      • New Digital Sign
    • Columbia High School
      • Improvements to Baseball Field, Softball Field and Grass Fields
      • Replacement of Tennis Courts
      • Reconstructed Basketball Courts
      • Install New Fiber Runs from School to Turf Field
      • Replacement of PA System
      • New Bleachers on Visitor Side of Turf Field
      • New Digital Sign
  • Elementary Playgrounds
  • Library Renovations in All Schools
  • Classroom Additions
  • New Lighting/Sound System in Columbia Auditorium
  • Redesigned Four-Lane Entrance to Columbia with Pedestrian Walkway
  • New Roof at Columbia High School
  • New and Reconstructed Sidewalks
  • New and Reconstructed Parking Lots
  • Safety/Security
  • Electrical
  • Removal of Hazardous Materials
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior Doors/Weather Protection
  • General Site Improvements
  • Buildings and Grounds Improvements
Goff Middle School Capital Project Concept Rendering

Concept rendering of the Goff Middle School campus, which would include a new multipurpose turf field and 6-lane track, grass field improvements with drainage, new access road with parking, a new tennis/pickleball/basketball court, locker room renovations and other infrastructure improvements.


The estimated cost for the proposed project is $116 million, but due to state building aid and expiring debt, there would be no additional impact to local taxpayers.

  • State Aid: NYS Building Aid will fund 72% of eligible project costs 
    • The district anticipates 84% of project costs will be eligible for building aid
  • Capital Reserve: Voter-approved savings from previous years
    • Contribution: $2 million from the capital reserve to offset project costs
  • Borrowing:
    • District nearing final payoff of debt from prior capital projects
    • Older debt payments will drop off and comparable new debt payments will be added
    • Result: Local taxpayer share is projected to be tax neutral

Capital Project Community Presentation

As the East Greenbush CSD prepares for the public vote, it will host a Capital Project Community Presentation on Thursday, May 2 at 6:30 p.m. in the Columbia High School auditorium so residents can learn more about the proposed project and its impact on students, staff, families and the community.

Public Vote

The proposed capital project will be a proposition on the School Budget Vote and Board of Education Election ballot scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

To learn more about the proposed capital project, visit