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Kindergarten Registration

To be eligible for kindergarten at the opening of school of any year, a child must be five years of age on or before December 1 (e.g., to begin kindergarten in September 2017, your child must turn five years old by December 1, 2017). If your child is between the ages of birth and five, please call 207-2064.

Registration takes place beginning in January for the following school year.

Please call the school your child will attend to have the registration packet mailed to you. If you are not sure which school they will attend, call the Transportation Department.

Kindergarten registration takes place in the month of February at each of the elementary buildings. To register, children must be five (5) years old on or before December 1st of the year they will start school. Kindergarten registration packets will be mailed out in January to all eligible families currently in the district database.

If you have not filled out a School Census form please do so. This will enter your child into the district’s database, but does not register them. We encourage you to use the school census for all children not enrolled in school who live in your home.

Registration for kindergarten is ongoing throughout the year once we have finished the February dates held at each building. Parents are encouraged to register kindergarten students by March 1st. Once your child is registered for kindergarten, a screening will be scheduled for your child at their home elementary school by appointment in the spring. You will receive notice of that in the mail once you have completed the registration process.


Angela Adams
Kindergarten Registrar
Phone: (518) 207-2064