Memorial Day Recess

All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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BRAC Meeting – October 29, 2018


Call to Order – 7:40 p.m.


  • BRAC: Ms. Garrigan-Piela, Mr. Jeffers, Ms. Noeth, Mr. Noeth, Mr. Pratt, Mr. Romanowski
  • Admin: Ms. Belmont, Mr. Edson, Mr. Simons
  • Board: Ms. Taylor
  • Guests:  Mr. Harris, Town of Schodack; Mr. Desso & Mr. Lacivita, Town of North Greenbush

Update from Town of Schodack

Mr. Harris said that the only two subdivision projects are pending. Hidden Pond on County Route 7 contains twenty-seven residences that are approved but on hold by the owner. Stable Gate Estates contains fifteen residences that are on hold at the planning board level.

Mr. Harris spoke in general about the litigation regarding the proposed Amazon distribution center. He said that information has been submitted to the court, and a decision may be made prior to year-end. The center may create 800 to 1,000 jobs for the Capital Region. He also said that other local businesses are interested in the area. Mr. Harris spoke of the importance of having the right infrastructure in place to support business and residential growth. The sewer plan in Castleton is planned for an upgrade due to receipt of a grant over one million dollars. The Amazon project, if approved, will create PILOT revenue for the East Greenbush Central School District.

Update from Town of North Greenbush

Mr. Desso and Mr. Lacivita shared information on the following projects:

  • MJSR “The Gables”, Mammoth Springs/Morner Road, 15 lot major subdivision, pending
  • Crain, Lape Road, 2 lot minor subdivision, approved
  • Noel, Mammoth Spring/Morner Road, 4 lot minor subdivision, pending
  • Reynolds Farm, Snyders Lake Road, 3 lot minor subdivision, approved
  • Greenbush Estates, North/Buckbee Road, 15 lot major subdivision, pending
  • Van Rensselaer Square, north side of Route 43, total retail square feet 252,500, last phase under construction
  • Tech Valley Plaza, south side of Route 43, total retail square feet 193,000, no current activity
  • Quackenderry Commons, Route 4, total retail square feet 242,000, no current activity
  • Van Alen Apartments, Washington Avenue/California Avenue, 244 units, 80% completed and occupied
  • Haywood Farms, Snyders Lake Road, 73 single family homes, construction commenced September 2015, near full build out
  • Birchwood Hills, North Road, 61 homes, construction commenced October 2015, near full build out
  • Berkeley Estates, Morner Road, partially in town of EG (5 lots), 31 lot subdivision, approved February 2015, no activity
  • Forest Hills Estates, Route 43, continued development of high value homes in an approved subdivision
  • Agway Drive Commercial Subdivision, Route 4, 4 lot commercial lots, no plans submitted
  • Kohler Subdivision, South Waldron Lane, 3 lot residential subdivision, lots for sale
  • Caldwell Banker Real Estate Office, 569 North Greenbush Road, under construction
  • 3 Store Retail/Bank, 573-575 North Greenbush Road, approved
  • Vent Fitness, North Greenbush Road at Bloomingrove, in planning stages
  • Old Fire Station, North Greenbush Road, under contract

Mr. Desso and Mr. Lacivita spoke about improvements to intersections along Route 4, including at Williams Road, Winter Street  and at Bloomingrove. The water line will also be extended down Route 43. 80% federal funding is expected for the improvements.

Enrollment Update

Mr. Edson shared current K-12 enrollment as of the BEDS date of 4,083. He said this was 1.5% more than the CDRPC projection of 4,023 reported in March 2018. Mr. Edson said the enrollment information is posted on the website along with other historical financial information.

Adjournment – 8:50 p.m.