Voters Approve School Budget and Other Propositions

East Greenbush Central School District residents approved all three propositions on this year's Budget Vote and Board Election ballot, including a $104,840,470 budget for the 2022-23 school year, the purchase of eight school buses from the Bus Purchase Reserve Fund and the establishment of a new Capital Reserve Fund. More than 84% of voters approved of the school budget, which maintains all programs and has no tax levy increase.

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Columbia Staff Directory

Columbia High School
962 Luther Road
East Greenbush, NY 12061
Main Office: 518-207-2000
Guidance: 518-207-2020
Athletics: 518-207-2080
Fax: 518-207-2019



Position Teacher/Staff Email
Main Office
Principal Michael Harkin
Secretary to Mr. Harkin Shannon MacFarland
Typist/Attendance Lynn Chesser
Typist Cherie Chin
Assistant Principals
Assistant Principal
(10th Grade, 11th Grade A-K)
Timothy Malloy
Secretary to Mr. Malloy Dawn Kennedy
Assistant Principal
(12th Grade, 11th Grade L-Z)
Ed Kilmartin
Secretary to Mr. Kilmartin Sharron Stagnitta
Assistant Principal (9th Grade) Patty Farnan
Secretary to Mrs. Farnan Sondra Tucker
Instructional Staff
Art Patti LeRoy
Art Valerie Gordon
Art (Department Chair) Andrea Neiman
CAP (Math) Stefani Monuteaux
CAP (S.S.-Lifeskills) (Department Chair) Brian Marsh
English (Department Chair) Meagan Asenbauer
English (CTAEP) Lauren Davis
English Jason DeFrias
English Noelle Domalewicz
English Chelsea Dyer
English (CAP) Laura Gedney
English Kate Hastings
English Kara Macpherson
English Rachel Polaski
English Emily Shatraw
English Patricia Shaw
English Frederick Rudofsky
English Nicole Weiss
Foreign Language (Department Chair) Patricia Hannmann
Foreign Language Siobhan Kennedy
Foreign Language Kathleen LeForestier
Foreign Language Marna McMorris
Foreign Language Jennifer Fey
Foreign Language Stacey Rockwell
Foreign Language Renee Seney
Foreign Language Rune Williams
Guidance (School Counselor) Samantha Dunham
Guidance (School Counselor/Department Chair) Allison Milazzo
Guidance (School Counselor) Sophia Reynolds
Guidance (School Counselor) Ashley Rickson
Guidance Kim Sabella
Guidance (Psychologist) Debbie Gonyea
Guidance (Psychologist) Rocco Persico
Guidance (Psychologist — CTAEP) Susan Rys
Guidance (Social Worker) Lois Rondeau
Guidance (Social Worker) Audra Di Bacco
Guidance (Social Worker) Tara Smades
ESL Michelle Hall
Health Chris LeGare
Health Carol Walkley
Library Katelynn Banks
Mathematics Dan Batcher
Mathematics Heather Clements
Mathematics (Department Chair) Frank DiDonato
Mathematics Jessica Hladik
Mathematics Dan Hulbert
Mathematics (CTAEP) Pamela Jackson
Mathematics Christine Kawczak
Mathematics Scott Monuteaux
Mathematics Melanie Schmitt
Mathematics Gretchen Schulz
Mathematics Stefani Monuteaux
Mathematics Marilyn Thompson
Mathematics Nancy VanOort
Music Shellie Badger
Music Susan Chrzan
Music (Department Chair) Scott Halliday
Music Jonathan Kusche
Physical Education Nicole Conte
Physical Education/Health (Department Chair) Chris Hosley
Physical Education Courteny Hotaling
Physical Education/Health Ryan Jones
Physical Education (Director) Michael Leonard
Physical Education (Athletic Trainer) Sean Leggett
Physical Education Anthony Servidone
Reading/AIS Kristin Missenis
Reading (Department Chair) Melissa Dupont
Reading Kathleen Fitzgerald
Science Jeffrey Amos
Science Christopher Ciccone
Science Emily Cooke
Science Bailey Freemantle
Science Len Fudge
Science Laura Gavlik
Science Heidi Gleason
Science Richard Hill
Science Theresa Hilton
Science (CTAEP) Terri Walsh
Science Heather Ross
Science (Department Chair) Thomas Ross
Science Hugh Sarno
Science Greg Tarkos
Science Jen Volz
Science Rob West
Social Studies James Driscoll
Social Studies Sarah Fiorino
Social Studies Julie Lansing
Social Studies Stephen Lapolla
Social Studies (CAP – Department Chair) Brian Marsh
Social Studies (Department Chair) Wendy McAlonie
Social Studies Andrea Morrissey
Social Studies Erin Rightmyer
Social Studies Drew Romanowski
Social Studies Kelley Sheraw
Social Studies Jeff Tooker
Social Studies Rachel Toolan (CTAEP)
Social Studies (Operation Graduation) Dan Wagner
Social Studies Rebecca Wilson
Career & Technical Education Scott Draina
Career & Technical Education Stephanie Ferlazzo
Career & Technical Education Katrina Gruet
Career & Technical Education Donna Shepardson (Department Chair)
Special Education Julie Adadjo
Special Education Craig Cavotta
Special Education Amy Cirincione
Special Education (CTAEP) Lauren Davis
Special Education George (Butch) Hartnagle
Special Education (Life Skills) Lisa Johnas
Special Education (Department Chair) Tara Maney
Special Education Darleen Morgan
Special Education Sarah Noel
Special Education James Obermayer
Special Education Laura O’Brien
Special Education (Special Education) Kathleen Peffers
Special Education Kyle Randall
Special Education Rachel Toolan (CTAEP)
Special Education Melinda Tracy
Speech Jessica Tice
Speech Catherine Morrow
Non-Instructional Staff
Teacher Assistant Carrie Bayly
Teacher Assistant Lois Bleau
Teacher Assistant (CTAEP) Michele Celello
Teacher Assistant Amy Cirincione
Teacher Assistant Joanne Clum
Teacher Assistant (Operation Graduation) Angela Culligan
Teacher Assistant Jennifer Davis
Teacher Assistant Heidi Edwards
Teacher Assistant (CTAEP) TBD
Teacher Assistant Jessica Fowler
Teacher Assistant Jill Frankoski
Teacher Assistant Ann Fuller
Teacher Assistant Susan Gier
Teacher Assistant Jackie Gould
Teacher Assistant Doug Hadley
Teacher Assistant Dawn Heller
Teacher Assistant Cheryl Higgins
Teacher Assistant Ann Howe
Teacher Assistant Sheree Kelley
Teacher Assistant Denise Kuhn
Teacher Assistant Mark Oliver
Teacher Assistant Natalie Phoenix
Teacher Assistant Chantel Polarolo
Teacher Assistant Adrienne Rudat
Teacher Assistant Joseph Rullo
Teacher Assistant Renee Seney
Teacher Assistant Richard Smith
Teacher Assistant Nancy Wager
Account Clerk Typist Zachary Troxell
Athletic Director’s Office Natalie Young
Attendance Office Lynn Chesser
Central Receiving Ron Cray
Kitchen Manager Jennifer Wilcox
Food Service Patricia Adee
Food Service Susan Blackburn
Food Service Kathleen Austin
Food Service TBA
Food Service TBA
Food Service Sondra Cotugno
Food Service Janet Forcinella
Food Service Marilyn Gorman
Food Service Stephanie Nikoloff
Food Service Debbie Tedford
Guidance Office Rebecca Stevens
Health Office Tammy Cosgrove
Health Office Kathy Cushing
Health Office Julie Stoffels
Maintenance (Nights) Sal Anziano
Maintenance (Day) Nick Clark
Maintenance (Day) Paul Clark
Maintenance (Day) (Head Custodian) Jim VanBuren
Maintenance (Nights) (Senior Custodian) Kevin Kelley
Maintenance (Nights) Jeff King III
Maintenance (Nights) Ed Oechsner
Maintenance (Nights) Mike Russell
Maintenance (Days) Allan Tusaneza
Maintenance (Nights) Brian Varian
Maintenance (Nights) Joe Ryan
Monitor Jamie Bauer
Monitor Bill Clum
Monitor Dennis Dunham
Monitor Patrick Hart
Monitor Tina Mann
OT Nicole Barmen
PT Kathryn Biel
PT Jean Patrick
PPS Office Christine Regels
PPS Office (Registrar) Kristin Kurick
PPS Office (Assistant Director) Kara Herrington
PPS Office (Director) Molly McGrath
PPS Office TBD
School Resource Officer Michael Condo
Security Supervisor Todd Alaxanian
Security Supervisor Desmond Cooley
Security Supervisor Jeff Weir
Substance Abuse Assistance Alyssa Evans
Teacher Typist Marianne Wilhelm (Smith)
Vocational Education Lori Dunigan
Mental Health Social Worker/Clinician Amibel Tineo