Memorial Day Recess

All East Greenbush CSD schools will be closed starting Friday, May 24 through Tuesday, May 28 due to unused snow days and Memorial Day.

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Health Screening

Health Appraisals

New York State mandates that children be screened for vision, hearing, and scoliosis depending on their grade level. Our state also mandates that parents submit a health appraisal on children in 9th and 11th grade and any newly entering children. In addition to a health appraisal our state requests a dental certificate to be submitted on students in 9th and 11th grade and any newly entering student.

Screening Requirements

  • Newly Entering Students: Distance and near point vision, color perception, hearing and scoliosis for grade 9 boys
  • Grade 11: Distance and near point vision and hearing
  • Grade 9: Scoliosis screening boys only

Letters will be sent home to the parents of any student who fails the mandated screening.